When working with Remark Office OMR, use care when selecting Region Names, Question Names and Labels as there are several reserved characters that cannot be used as they could cause problems when exporting data to certain formats.

Restricted and Reserved Characters in Remark Office OMR

If you plan to export your data to a specific format and aren’t certain if any limitations apply, the Remark Office OMR User’s Guide includes a short list of limitations for various file types. For a complete list or better understanding of limitations, check the user’s documentation for the specific program to which you wish to export your data.

Reserved Characters in Region and Question Names: 

Reserved Characters in Labels:
.    Period ,    Comma
!    Exclamation “    Double quote
‘    Single quote ;    Semicolon
[    Left bracket     (    left parentheses
]    Right bracket  )    right parentheses
,    Comma
”   Double quote
(    Left parentheses
)    Right parentheses