The Remark Support team has decades of experience in reviewing customers’ forms for compatibility with Remark Office OMR. While Remark Office OMR allows for vast creativity in form design, there are certain guidelines required in order for the software to read forms accurately and efficiently. Be sure to refer to our form design best practices whenever designing a form.

Our expert support staff can help you increase form accuracy through our form review process. During this process, we provide the appropriate direction for you apply any necessary changes to your existing form. We review things like spacing, bubble selection, margins, shading, etc. It is best to take advantage of this free service before printing large quantities. By catching issues early, you can head off problems down the road.

Just send us your form in an email and we will look it over for potential problems as well as give recommendations on how to avoid them. Please include the following information in your form review submission:

  • Name
  • Software serial number (if applicable)
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Email address

Our support team is happy to help optimize your forms!