If you have ever had to send out a mass mailing then you may have experience using Microsoft Word’s mail merge functionality. This feature is designed so that you can pre-print known information on items such as shipping labels, letters, or other Microsoft Word documents. It allows you to streamline the printing of this information to eliminate the need to manually address each recipient. Such a task would be tedious and time consuming for anyone undertaking a project that requires labels.

We often get questions about whether or not it is possible to pre-print data onto Remark Office OMR forms. If you are using Microsoft Word as your form designer you can use a mail merge to pre-print data for barcode and/or OCR regions. While you are setting up your mail merge remember that all regions on your form should adhere to our form design best practices.

Here is a video demonstrating the use of a mail merge with a Remark Office OMR form.

Please keep in mind that this is a feature of Microsoft Word and not Remark Office OMR. The video demonstration is a high level overview of this functionality and does not cover all of the possible use case scenarios. Any technical questions regarding the use of the mail merge functionality should be directed to Microsoft support.

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