For years we have been offering prospective customers the option to attend a free online demonstration of the Remark Software. These live webinars allow us to schedule one-on-one sessions with potential customers who are considering Remark Office OMR for their data collection and analysis needs. This dedicated time gives us the opportunity to learn more about your projects and show specific examples of how Remark Office OMR can be used to accomplish your data collection goals.

To get the most out of a live webinar with a Remark representative we suggest providing a copy of your current form prior to the presentation. This gives us the opportunity to use a sample form that resembles your project or even use your form during the presentation. Experience indicates that using your form during the session will help to visualize and better understand the steps you will need to take while using Remark Office OMR. If you learn best by seeing someone else go through a process then a Remark Office OMR live webinar may be a good opportunity for you to further evaluate the software.

Whenever we discuss Remark Office OMR forms it’s important to mention our form design best practices. We always recommend that you design your forms according to these guidelines. If your form does not currently adhere to these we will provide you with a full form review with recommendations on how to optimize your design.

If you are interested in attending a live webinar of Remark Office OMR please contact us at 1.800.858.0860 or [email protected]. We would love to learn more about your projects, provide a free form review, and schedule a one-on-one live webinar.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Note: We generally ask for a few days notice to schedule live webinars. If you wish to see a customized presentation using one of your forms we may need a few days to put together the personalized files.