As a technology company it is part of Gravic’s mission to support the next generation of engineers, programmers, and STEM students. At Gravic we do this through the Gravic scholarships awarded to local students going into STEM careers, through internships, and through our support of programs such as VEX and FIRST robotics teams.

We were approached by students from WARP7, a high school robotics team from Toronto, Canada who had an interesting use for our Remark Office OMR software. As part of the First Robotics competition, having data on opponents and potential allies is important, and the creative students at WARP7 are using Remark Office OMR to collect this evaluation data to help give them a leg up on their competition. Read more about this impressive team and how they are using our products and for more information on the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Good luck WARP7 at this season’s competition!

WARP7 Team and Robot

WARP7 Team and Robot at a competition