We were pleased to add an ExamSoft export format in Remark Office OMR 2014 to streamline the process of using plain paper test forms with ExamSoft. This allows your institution to use computerized tests in ExamSoft or distribute paper tests to be scanned into Remark Office OMR for easy importing into the ExamSoft portal for analysis. Create your own bubble sheets in any word processor and print them on regular paper. Scan your completed test sheets using any image scanner or multifunction printer into Remark Office OMR. From Remark, pick the ExamSoft export format and upload the results into the ExamSoft portal where the paper test forms can be analyzed with your computerized test forms. It is s simple and powerful approach for institutions using mixed modes of testing students.

This  video from our friends at ExamSoft shows the entire process.

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For more information on ExamSoft please visit: http://learn.examsoft.com/
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