Remark Web Survey Product Updates

Details on the most recent updates to Remark Web Survey

The current major release version is Remark Web Survey v5.4. Version 5.4 only comes in a full install, not an update.

If you are not currently on version 5.4 we highly recommend you upgrade to this version. The Remark Team supports the current major release and one release back. If you have an old version and would like to upgrade please contact our sales team.

Remark Web Survey 5.4 Update

The Remark Web Survey 5.4 update corrects a few minor flaws and adds features since the initial release of Remark Web Survey 5.0. Check the README notes for a full listing.

Important Note! Customers using 5.0 or 5.1 who upgrade to 5.4 will need to update the server scripts at the same time as the designer and republish any live forms.

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