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Below you will find links to product documentation for Remark Web Survey, including user’s guides, covering the designer and the administrator functions and the Remark Quick Stats reporting features.

Remark Web Survey Product Documentation

The full user’s guide for using Remark Web Survey:

Remark Web Survey User’s Guide

This addendum provides additional important information about updating from Remark Web Survey 5.x to 5.2 as well as descriptions of new features.

Remark Web Survey User Guide Addendum

Remark Quick Stats is the reporting module within Remark Web Survey. The full user’s guide for Remark Quick Stats analysis in Remark Web Survey:

Remark Web Survey Quick Stats User Guide

This addendum provides an overview of Remark Web Survey supported data file formats available when saving and opening data.

Remark Web Survey Supported File Formats

License Agreements and Other Documentation

Click the links below to view the End User License Agreement, VPAT, and other important documents.

Remark End User License Agreement

Remark Web Survey VPAT

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