Remark Web Survey Features

Remark Web Survey is a powerful tool that allows you to design and collect data from web forms hosted on your own site

Remark Web Survey boasts an extensive array of features. Presented below are key functionalities encompassed within the software.

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Designer Features

  • Intuitive interface allows for easy creation of web-based forms without having to know any HTML or web programming
  • Converts Remark Office OMR and Remark Classic OMR template files into HTML forms with the click of a mouse, allowing you to collect data seamlessly from paper and the web
  • Allows for single or multiple response questions (option buttons, checkboxes, and drop down lists) as well as textboxes
  • Supports using graphics as answer items (e.g. charts, graphs, shapes, pictures, etc…)
  • Allows you to specify an input pattern for a textbox question (phone number, date, etc…)
  • Allows you to format the form the way you want it to look, including using rich text formatting. Insert text, graphics and lines where desired. Change colors and fonts to match the design of your website. Apply styles to an entire web form quickly and easily
  • Allows you to add multiple columns to a form, format questions in tables, include hidden questions and specify which questions are required
  • Supports multimedia (.swf, .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .wav, .asf, .mp3, .mov, .ram, .rm)
  • Allows you to create hyperlinks on a form to direct respondents to another question on the form, a pop-up info page, an external web page or send an email message
  • Supports the use of skip patterns, or question branching, based on how questions are answered
  • Supports the use of answer piping, allowing you to “pipe” the answer from previous questions into a future question, answer or label
  • Contains a spell checker
  • Allows you to create customized success, or “thank you” pages for respondents to see upon successful web form submission
  • Creates multi-page web forms
  • Allows respondents to pause the web form at any point and return later for completion
  • Provides a confirmation page for respondents to view their responses
  • Allows you to create customized error messages for your respondents
  • Allows you to apply passwords to forms, and includes the ability to import a list of valid passwords
  • Contains an automatic form publishing feature for streamlined access to web server to publish web forms
  • Provides a list of respondents who have and have not completed password-protected forms
  • Contains an email center where you can send invitations to your web form or email reminders to those who have not yet completed the web form

Data Analysis Features

  • Tabulates surveys and grades tests with Remark Quick Stats®
  • Includes advanced grading features that support multiple answer keys, multiple grade scales, benchmarking and learning objectives
  • Automatically filters report data based on questions from the web form (e.g. for course evaluations, run reports on specific instructors and classes automatically)
  • Automatically downloads data into the software for export or analysis
  • Records the time it takes respondents to complete your web form and stores this in a duration field in your data set
  • Supports query parameters that allow to pass a value into your form behind the scenes (e.g. for course evaluations you can insert an instructor’s name into the invitation URL that will pass the name into your data for that respondent)
  • Downloads incomplete web form submissions
  • Supports filtering incomplete data submissions based on a completion percentage in order to only analyze records that are X% completed
  • Allows IP tracking; when tracking is turned off, the responses are truly anonymous
  • Offers a live look at the current responses using Remark Live Stats™, offering Item Analysis, Comment Report, and Duration Report
  • Remark Quick Stats provides a detailed analysis of surveys and a complete grade report for tests, including:
    • Survey Reports Include
      • Detailed Item Analysis Report with customizable graphs
      • Item Analysis Graph Report for a graphical view of each item
      • Condensed Item Analysis for a streamlined item analysis view
      • Integrated Item Analysis to report on both items and open ended comments in one streamlined report
      • Analysis Group Report to display information about like groups of questions
      • Item Statistics Report for descriptive statistics
      • Crosstabulation Report
      • Comparative Item Report to allow you to compare responses for various groups
      • Response Report by Item or Respondent for open ended questions
    • Test Reports Include
      • Test Analysis report that shows overall performance and alerts you to any problem areas
      • Student Statistics Report to see how the entire class performed
      • Student Response report that provides a graphical view of each student on the test and each question on the test in a matrix style
      • Comparative Grade Report and Demographic Grade Report to allow you to view grades across different demographics
      • Class Frequency Distribution to see the distribution of grades
      • Student Score Histogram Report that displays test scores graphically
      • Student Achievement Report to evaluate whether students are meeting benchmarks
      • Student Similarities Report that provides a list of students who have similar responses on a test
      • Test Statistics Report for descriptive statistics
      • Detailed Item Analysis Report with customizable graphs
      • Item Analysis Graph Report for a graphical view of each item
      • Condensed Item Analysis for a streamlined item analysis view
      • Integrated Item Analysis to report on both items and open ended comments in one streamlined report
      • Condensed Test Report that provides choice frequency on a question by question basis
      • Test Item Statistics Report for descriptive statistics per test question
      • Student Grade Report to give back to each student or other stakeholder
      • Response Report by Item or Response Report by Respondent for open ended questions

Data Export Formats

  • Save data internally or export to 35+ formats including:
  • SPSS (SAV)
  • StatPac (DAT)
  • Survey System (DAT)
  • Survey Pro (STL, ST3, SRV)
  • Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Access (MDB, ACCDB)
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • Remark (RMK)
  • HTML (HTM)
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • ODBC
  • Questionmark (QSF)
  • XML
  • Dropbox Account
  • Google Drive Account

    Administration Features

    • Emails complete form submissions to any email address
    • Supports embedding passwords into email invitation URLs
    • Allows you to personalize emails through adding merge fields, such as respondent name
    • Allows you to create and save email templates for invitations
    • Supports importing email address lists from a variety of databases and spreadsheets
    • Allows for page and answer choice randomization
    • Allows you to schedule your web form with a live start time and/or end time
    • Allows you to cap the number of respondents that can submit your web form
    • Allows for session timeouts with password-protected web forms for added security
    • Sends response submissions based on answers to specific questions
    • Emails responses to respondents
    • Supports Linux/UNIX or Windows based web servers running Perl 5.12 or later
    • Configurable control panel permission levels for users. There are three levels: Administrator (full control), Standard (access to Remark Live Stats and data) and Restricted (access to Remark Live Stats and data for particular web forms)
    • Supports data archiving (when you publish a form that already has data, a backup copy of the data will be saved on your server)
    • Includes a diagnostic section in the control panel to assist with troubleshooting

    System Requirements

    Designer Component
    • Personal computer with 2 GHz or faster processor
    • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems:
      • Windows 11
      • Windows 10
        • The Remark Web Survey Designer runs in a Windows Server environment, but please note the software is not a client/server application and it is not supported in a virtual or server based environment
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 1 GB free fixed disk space
    • .NET 3.5 and 4 frameworks
    • Screen/monitor resolution of 1024×768 or higher and at least 32-bit color
    • Mouse or other pointing device
    • Internet connection required for automatic form publishing and data downloads
    • PDF viewer for documentation (optional)
    Server Component
    • A Unix, Linux or Windows based web server capable of running Perl CGI scripts
    • Perl 5.12 or later. (See or for information on obtaining a copy of Perl)
    • A qualified website administrator with root/admin access to the web server and an understanding of installing Perl scripts (Gravic technical support does not cover installation services, other than troubleshooting the installation once it is installed)

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