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Provides overall summary information and points out red flags in a test, such as questions where a distractor is chosen more than the correct answer, students showing very strong comparisons of correct/incorrect answers, and test questions with a poor correlation.


The Test Analysis Group report provides summary information about the test. It is useful for a quick view of overall performance along with any anomalies of which you should be aware. It includes the overall test information including; number of tests graded, average score, high score, and low score. The students achieving the high and low scores are shown in parentheses. The test statistics area shows the Cronbach Alpha value and feedback about the statistic. In addition, the hardest and easiest questions are displayed based on the percent correct. Questions with poor discrimination and non discrimination based on the Point Biserial score are shown, and any students who have very similar responses, based on the response threshold set in the report’s style properties, are also shown. If you are using Learning Objectives, those where the class average is lower than the specified benchmark are also displayed.

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