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Used to view class performance for tests. Optionally shows detailed information about learning objectives, objective questions, and subjective questions. Great report for quickly seeing how students are performing and whether they are meeting standards.


The Student Statistics report lists each student in the class with his/her grade, raw score, percent score and scaled score (if applicable). If using subjective questions, it can delineate between the objective and subjective score. If using learning objectives, each objective is listed separately, providing the ability to see whether objectives are being mastered. If using benchmark scores, a benchmark bar chart is listed for each student in order to see if he/she met the defined benchmark score. Benchmark scores are also displayed by learning objective. You can also show other statistical data such as Number of Correct/Incorrect/Unanswered questions, Z Score, T Score, ETS Score, Deviation IQ and Percentile. This report can be sorted by student, grade, percent score, or total score.

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