Conference Evaluations

You need an easy and cost effective way to evaluate your conference. How do your attendees view your overall conference? Will they be back next year? Will they recommend your show? Using an overall conference evaluation form and the Remark products, you will find out the answers to these questions. You can chose to have your attendees fill out a paper form at the conference or send them an online evaluation form after the conference. The Remark software gives you the tools to quickly and easily measure your sessions, speakers, vendors and overall conference. Collect and analyze information from your attendees and vendors in order to ensure your conference is meeting their needs. Whether you chose paper or online conference evaluations the Remark products can help.

Measure the effectiveness of you presenters and sessions with plain paper evaluations and Remark Office OMR®. You can create your own evaluation forms in any word processor or form creation software. Print your plain paper forms and scan them using an image scanner or multi-function device. Using Remark Office OMR’s built-in analysis, Remark Quick Stats®, you can see quickly how attendees rated your presenters and sessions, including image clips of comments. You can even generate reports to be given to each of your presenters.