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Support Training Videos

Remark Test Grading Cloud

Administrator Basics

BeginnerCreating a TermWatch
BeginnerUsing the Account Import to Enter Instructors, Students and ClassesWatch
BeginnerImporting InstructorsWatch
BeginnerImporting a RosterWatch
BeginnerMaking a Student InactiveWatch
BeginnerMaking a Term InactiveWatch

User Settings

BeginnerResetting Your PasswordWatch
BeginnerUpdating Your ProfileWatch

Intro/Getting StartedInstructor

IntroUsing the Class PageWatch
BeginnerCreating a ClassWatch
BeginnerImporting a RosterWatch
BeginnerUnrostered ClassWatch
IntermediateCopy a ClassWatch
IntermediateDeleting a ClassWatch

Working with Tests

BeginnerCreating a Test OverviewWatch
BeginnerOnline TestsWatch
BeginnerEmailing Electronic Test FormsWatch
BeginnerAdding Question and Answer Text to Tests – Creating Multiple ChoiceWatch
BeginnerAdding Question and Answer Text to Tests – Math QuestionsWatch
BeginnerAdding Question and Answer Text to Tests – Adding Open ResponseWatch
BeginnerRearranging Questions on a TestWatch
BeginnerAdding Question and Answer Text to TestsWatch
BeginnerPrinting TestsWatch
BeginnerUploading and Grading TestsWatch
BeginnerReviewing Test Data for ExceptionsWatch
BeginnerReviewing Flagged ImagesWatch
BeginnerGrading Handwritten Open ResponsesWatch
BeginnerEditing Answer KeysWatch
BeginnerGenerating Reports for Your TestsWatch
IntermediateCopying a TestWatch
IntermediateDeleting a TestWatch
IntermediateEmailing ReportsWatch
IntermediateLearning ObjectivesWatch
IntermediateCreating a Test with Multiple VersionsWatch
IntermediateReporting on Tests with Multiple VersionsWatch
IntermediateSaving Data to External Files and GradebooksWatch
IntermediateUsing Remark Test Grading Cloud’s Canvas ConnectorWatch
IntermediateUsing Remark Test Grading Cloud’s Blackboard ConnectorWatch