School Survey Forms

Gravic’s Remark products are widely used to collect survey data from parents, students, teachers and the community. Paper based survey forms can be easily created using any word processor and scanned with Remark Office OMR®. Or, create and publish your survey to the Internet using Remark Web Survey®. You can even combine the results from paper and web to give your audience multiple methods to complete your form. Both products include Remark Quick Stats®, a built-in analysis package that generates reports such as item analysis, item statistics, cross tabs and more. Gravic’s Remark products are great for parent surveys, community surveys, student surveys, teacher surveys and many other types of surveys and forms. With the Remark software, you can quickly turn data into a powerful decision making tool.

Custom Comments

Andy, a Programmer/Analyst at a Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, says, “Creating new forms or converting existing ones is a simple process”.

Case Study

Counseling Trends Survey

Learn how the NACAC uses Remark Office OMR to tabulate and analyze surveys sent to 10,000 high schools annually. What used to take months to complete now only takes one week, thanks to Remark Software.


Scanning School Climate Surveys: