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Eliminate the need to purchase special paper forms and hardware with Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading. No more #2 pencils! These Remark solutions allow you to turn any image scanner or multifunction printer into a test scoring machine.

Remark Test Grading is a streamlined test scoring solution that contains a built-in test answer sheet creator so you can create customized tests answer sheets that you can print in-house. Add your class roster, create a test answer sheet, and print the sheets in-house. Each answer sheet automatically can contain student, teacher, test, and class identifiers. Once your students have bubbled in their answers, scan the test sheets along with an answer key into the software using an image scanner or multifunction printer (MFP). You can optionally review individual test responses on-screen for cleaning or verification, or just run the built-in analysis reports. The reports show overall class results, individual question statistics, and individual student performance. You can also easily export your grade data to the student management system, gradebook, or learning management system of your choice. For more advanced grading, align test questions with common core standards, mastery skills, or other specific objectives. Remark Test Grading is available as a cloud solution or installed Windows software.

When you use Remark Office OMR you can create your own plain paper answer sheets or test booklets in the application of your choice, such as Microsoft Word. Remark Office OMR works with any common image scanner to capture the data from these forms quickly and easily. The built-in Remark Quick Stats® module produces reports on student performance against standards or benchmarks. Remark Office OMR is widely used for formative evaluation and allows you to spend more time focusing on the needs of your students rather than collecting the data. Use the Remark software to get immediate feedback in order to target instruction to your students.

Customer Comments

Robert Sagona, a teacher at St. Francis Xavier Prep, says, “As a teacher I manually graded tests. With over a 120 students in my classes grading exams would take days. With Gravic, I graded the multiple choice exams in minutes.” He goes on to say, “The fact that I didn’t need to buy a special or expensive scanner was the reason I purchased this product.”

Tom Hays, Data Coordinator for Title I Harford County Public Schools: “My role is that of collecting and analyzing student test data for Title I and intervention schools, for about 3,000 grade 1 through grade 5 students and district wide pre and post assessment data for 3,000 district wide kindergarten students. I also collect and analyze data for several early childhood intervention programs for about 1,600 students. Prior to using Remark, individual data collection and analysis could not be done with any consistency. Some teachers would manually analyze student data of some assessments but this would be “hit and miss” across the system. Remark is a remarkable product that makes my job easier and more efficient.”

Case Studies

No More Paying for Special Test Sheets

See how Mr. Loren Rice and the rest of the science department of Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School streamlined the test grading process with Remark Test Grading, saving the team valuable time and effort!

Grading Assessments for Title IIB Grants

Explore how the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) Program and Grant Evaluation Services (PAGES) conduct a large scale student science assessment.


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