Research Studies

Whether you choose to use plain paper or online survey forms, Remark products give you the tools to collect your data quickly, accurately and economically by eliminating expensive forms and scanners, and the tedium and energy associated with manual data entry. Remark users can focus on the survey instrument and the results, rather than data collection.

With Remark Office OMR, you can create your own plain paper forms in any word processing application, then scan your forms using a regular image scanner. If you prefer to use web forms, Remark Web Survey provides a powerful yet intuitive interface to quickly create and publish web surveys that reside on your own website. You can even create a survey for paper and web to increase your response rate with the combined data. Both products include a built-in analysis component called Remark Quick Stats that provides a full range of survey statistics and reports. The software also supports exporting your raw data to a variety of different formats including: SPSS, Excel, Access, CSV.