Gravic’s Remark Office OMR software is a powerful tool for grading multiple choice tests. You can create your own plain paper exam answer sheets using your favorite word processor. Then scan them using Remark Office OMR and any common image scanner. There is no need to purchase special paper or hardware. The built-in analysis component, Remark Quick Stats allowing you to focus your instruction based on exam results. You can specify your learning objectives, establish benchmarks, break data down by demographics and better understand what areas your students are grasping and where there may be a need for review. Remark Office OMR is the most powerful, intuitive and cost effective tool you will find for grading your multiple choice exams!

Customer Comments

Michael Wagenheim, Molecular &┬áCellular Biology department’s Senior Support Systems Analyst at the University of Arizona, Tuscan: “The decision was based on cost, ease-of-use, and performance. It (Remark Office OMR) was less expensive in that it allowed us to get away from using the traditional OMR sheets. We give up to 12,000 multiple choice exams/year just for our introductory biology courses. The OMR sheets are expensive.”

Kathy, Academic Affairs Secretary at a community college, says, “Great product, outstanding customer support!!!”

Case Studies

Grading Biology Exams at a Large State University with Remark Office OMR

Find out why this University made the switch to Remark Office OMR from traditional OMR. See how the software was able to save the school time and money while grading over 12,000 multiple choice biology tests per year.

Croatian University Uses Remark to Grade Thousands of Tests

Learn how the University of Rjeka in Croatia utilizes Remark Office OMR in order to grade the 50,000 tests professors administer every three weeks! A process that would not be possible without Remark.