Example Uses Within Higher Education

  • Course Evaluations
    Ensure your classes and professors are meeting students’ needs with course evaluations. Whether a school prefers paper evaluations or web surveys, Remark products provide options for both. Schools may personalize each evaluation to ensure they are collecting the most applicable and valuable information possible to maintain a high quality education system.
  • Research Studies
    Remark products eliminate the need for expensive equipment and allow the researcher time to focus on the task at hand, rather than the means of doing so. Eliminate manual data entry for surveys and evaluations with Remark Office OMR. Easily scan research surveys and evaluations with an image scanner or multifunction printer. Increase your response rate across various demographics by using online and paper surveys. Use Remark Web Survey in addition to Remark Office OMR to combine data from paper and online forms for one analysis. Quick analysis and reports save the researcher from tedious work and provide accurate results. All data can be exported to Excel, Access, SPSS and more.
  • Student and Alumni Surveys
    Connect with students or alumni across the globe via mail or web surveys personalized to meet a school’s specific needs. Gather fast and accurate information to help improve student life and education. Maintain and improve alumni relations by staying in touch and gain valuable intelligence on their careers, events, locations, donation information and various other topics of interest.
  • Exams
    Use any word processor, printer, and paper to create a multiple choice test that fits your needs. Scan your completed test answer sheets using an image scanner or multifunction printer. Run reports to help you track your students’ understanding of material and adjust or improve where necessary.