Training Assessments

Your department or office is continually trying to improve its employees through training and professional development. Remark software gives you the tools you need to quickly measure your training effectiveness and employees’ skill set. You can use training assessments, either paper or online, to test your staffs’ knowledge and to locate areas for improvement. You can also have your employees rate your training programs and instructors. By collecting and analyzing this information, you can improve your employees with the training needed and also improve your training programs and instructors with attendees’ feedback.

You can use Remark Office OMR for plain paper training evaluations and assessments. Create your own forms in any word processing application and scan the completed forms with an image scanner or multi-function device. This eliminates the manual data entry is eliminated and you can spend more time analyzing your data with Remark Quick Stats.

If you prefer online training assessments or evaluations you can use Remark Web Survey. Easily create your own online forms in the software without needing to know web programming. Then host the forms on your department’s website. There are no limitations on the number of forms or respondents. Send out invitations, track respondents and send reminders. Once your respondents have filled out your assessments you can download the data and run the built-in analysis component, Remark Quick Stats.

Remark Quick Stats will provide you with a variety of statistics and reports including: Item analysis, item statistics, comment reports, demographic breakdowns, crosstabulation reports and more.