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Community Surveys

Use the Remark products for collecting information from community surveys. Poll your constituents to gauge their feelings on issues or general concerns. The Remark products free you from the burden of data collection and allow you to use the information collected to improve government services. Federal, state and local governments all need to collect and analyze data from the community and the Remark products can help.

For paper-based forms, create your own plain paper forms using any word processing application or form design program. Then print forms on your laser printer. Scan completed forms with Remark Office OMR® and an image scanner or multi-function device. Then, use the built-in reporting component, Remark Quick Stats, to generate powerful analysis reports.

Create, host and administer online surveys with Remark Web Survey. The form designer allows anyone to create their own web surveys without knowing any web programming. You host and administer the form on your own website, send out invitations, track respondents and send reminders. View live submission statistics with Remark Live Stats or generate analysis reports with the built-in analysis features.

Both products contain Remark Quick Stats, a built-in analysis component, for generating survey statistic reports at the click of a button. Remark Quick Stats supplies a variety of reports including data item analysis, demographic comparisons, crosstabs and more.