Gravic’s Remark Team is excited to announce the release of Remark Classic OMR 7! Click here for details.

Remark Test Grading Cloud’s online testing feature allows educators to create, distribute and grade online tests. You can create online tests, custom tailored for your needs, using the built-in test generator. The solution works for simple quizzes to formative assessments, and everything in between. You can create tests with multiple choice questions with varying schemas, true/false, mathematical questions, open-ended response and more. Links to the tests are emailed to students. who simply click the link and complete the test online. You can optionally limit how long you want to make the test or assessment available.

Completed tests are automatically graded in Remark Test Grading Cloud. You can review the built-in grading reports to see student, class, test and item performance. You can also add learning objectives to see student mastery of specific subject areas and easily identify which students need help, allowing you to focus your time where it is needed most.

In addition to the built-in analysis reports, Remark Test Grading Cloud integrates with Canvas, D2L and Blackboard. These LMS integrations allow you to sync their class rosters and test grades, removing the need for any importing/exporting of rosters and grades. This allows for a seamless process, saving you valuable teaching time. If you are using other Learning Management Systems or gradebooks, Remark Test Grading Cloud still allows exporting of grade information and importing of class rosters.

Assistance During COVID-19 Pandemic

To support you in your time of need, Gravic is offering free limited time trial Remark Test Grading Cloud accounts for individual educators in the US and Canada. Additionally, we are offering a free connector to Canvas, Blackboard, or D2L to schools who are looking for access to Remark Test Grading Cloud for multiple instructors.

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