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Remark Test Grading Features

Remark Test Grading offers the following features to make your test grading process simple and affordable. Remark Test Grading is available as a Cloud or Windows solution.

* Denotes Cloud version only


  • Accessible from any modern web browser (Mac, PC, Tablet…)*
  • Nothing to install, no IT resources required*
  • Adheres to modern security standards*

Test Answer Sheets:

  • Uses plain paper answer sheets, which are those printed on regular printer/copy paper
  • Build and distribute online tests.*
  • Create your own answer sheets tailored to your tests or simply use the built-in standard test forms (25, 50, 100 or 200 questions)
  • Create multiple choice questions in with varying answer choices, including A-E, 1-5, alternating answer choices, true/false, and more
  • Includes the ability to add question text and answer labels
  • Create math grids (numbers, fractions, decimals) for numeric answers
  • Include open response points for essays, short answer, and other write-in questions
  • Import rosters and merge student, teacher, class and test information onto printed answer sheets for easy identification and tracking
  • Supports roster-less classes where an instructor can grade student test forms without first having to specify a class roster. In this mode, Remark Test Grading Cloud clips the students’ handwritten names from the answer sheets and displays them on the reports.*
  • Allows for generic answer sheets with bubble-in student ID grids for larger classes
  • Include school logo on test answer sheets
  • Create multiple test versions (create up to five versions of the same test, each with questions in a different order)*
  • Includes the ability to email Remark Electronic Bubble Sheets™ (fillable PDF) to students for completion*

Grading Tests:

  • Scan tests with an image scanner or copier
    • Windows Solution – Scan directly using your scanner TWAIN driver or read images files
    • Cloud Solution – Upload completed test images or email images directly from your copier or scanner to the Cloud for processing.*
  • Reads TIFF, PDF, PNG*, and JPG images
  • Automatically grades online tests upon submission*
  • Processes fillable PDF answer sheets so tests never have to be scanned*
  • Allows for on-screen exception cleaning (for blank or multiple responses)
  • Allows hand-entry of test responses if sheets cannot be scanned
  • Tracks who has and has not taken a test on a class basis when using a class roster

Advanced Grading Features:

  • Allows more than one correct response for each question
  • Set question points for correct, incorrect, and blank answers
  • Set a test benchmark to quickly see which students achieve and don’t achieve the desired score
  • Provides scores on specific learning objectives or standards in addition to the overall test
  • Utilize extra credit
  • Grades multiple versions of a test*


  • Produces the following grade reports:
    • Test Analysis Report provides overall information about the test, including high/low scores, item discrimination and easiest and hardest questions
    • Student Statistics Report shows scores for all of the students in the class, including a break down on multiple choice vs. open ended questions
    • Student Response Report for viewing both student and question performance in one graphical chart
    • Class Learning Objectives Report that details scores on learning objectives used in the answer key
    • Student Achievement Report that shows student performance based on the test benchmark
    • Student Grade Report to give back to each student or parent
    • Student Test Report containing the students scanned image annotated with grade information
    • Item Analysis Report for viewing question performance
    • Condensed Test Report shows a combination of descriptive statistics and question performance
    • Test Statistics Report for viewing descriptive statistics on the overall test
    • Test Item Statistics Report for viewing descriptive statistics for each question, including point biserial
  • Reports saved automatically as PDF files
  • Email reports to yourself or students*
  • Include school logo on reports


  • Exports raw data a to several formats (CSV, Excel, Access, and more) for easy import into other analysis applications
  • Exports grades to Canvas, CSV and other formats  for easy import into gradebooks, student management systems and learning management systems
  • Integrates with Canvas, D2L and Blackboard for sending grades to your gradebook seamlessly.

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