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Remark Test Grading Bubble Test Answer Sheets

Remark Test Grading offers the following features to make your test grading process simple and affordable. Remark Test Grading is available as a Cloud or Windows solution.

Remark Test Grading is a streamlined test scoring solution offered as a cloud subscription or as an installed product. Both versions include a built-in test answer sheet creator that creates custom test answer sheets you can print on any laser printer. Printing answer sheets in-house can save your schools thousands of dollars when compared with purchasing pre-printed answer sheets on special paper from various print vendors.

Remark Test Grading includes many pre-defined answer sheets with varying question numbers, answer schemas and page sizes that you can use out of the box if you do not want to design your own. Your answer sheets can be either US Letter or A4 size. Tests can contain up to 360 questions. The answer sheets can include subjective points areas where the instructor can bubble in point values for essay, short answer or show-your-work style questions. Custom answer sheets can include math grids for numeric responses. When the forms are printed from the software they include student name, class, test and instructor information on the top of each answer sheet. You can optionally use a student ID grid instead of name, which is particularly useful for larger classes where you do not want to distribute the answer sheets to each student.

When using the built-in answer sheets, your answer schema options are:

  • 4 answer choices (A-D), (A-D, F-I) Alternating, or (A-D, F-J) Alternating
  • 5 answer choices (A-E), (1-5), or (A-E, F-J) Alternating

Example Answer Sheets