Remark Office OMR 2014 Now Available

The Remark Products team at Gravic is happy to announce the release of Remark Office OMR 2014! The new version is available now and opens an exciting new chapter in the long history of our popular software product. With 70,000 customers in 130+ countries we get a lot of feedback, and we have tried to incorporate as many frequently requested items as possible into the new version. A list of some of the many new and enhanced features is below. If you want to test drive some of the new features, you can Download a Demo or watch the video below for an overview of the new product.

There is more to announce than just a new version of software. Thanks to the great feedback from our customers, we have made some modifications to the way we are enhancing the product going forward. Rather than build a new upgrade every few years, we are moving to a software maintenance model where we will be providing more frequent, smaller upgrades based upon customer feedback. As a result, our developers will be able to more quickly address our customers’ needs and requests. In addition to getting enhancements more often, the changes from update to update will be smaller, limiting the learning curve for customers. To accommodate this change, we are bundling software upgrades with our popular technical support package for Remark Office OMR 2014 and beyond. Subscribing to software maintenance will get you access to our highly rated tech support team and you will receive all updates as they are available.

Version 2014 contains many new features and updates, some of which include:

  • Many interface enhancements to simplify and streamline the use of the software:
    • Use your microphone or headset with speech recognition for entering handwritten comments or correcting exceptions
    • Streamlined, easier to use review exceptions process
    • Ability to add data on the fly when processing forms (e.g., a course identifier, session identifier, location, etc.)
    • Support for latest versions of Microsoft Office (Excel can now have more than 255 columns!)
  • New analysis and exporting options including:
    • Data export support for: Microsoft Excel & Access 2013, CSV, ExamSoft, StatPac, Google Drive, Dropbox and Pinnacle gradebook
    • Ability to export and report on blank and multiple responses separately, which can be key in survey analysis
    • Support for rubrics when grading tests
    • Awarding partial credit when grading test questions
    • New, easy to use interface to customize the look and feel of the Remark Quick Stats reports
    • New report export to Excel for further customization
  • New Remark Quick Stats reports
    • Integrated Item Analysis Report: A much requested survey tabulation report that combines written responses with objective item analysis data in one simple report.
    • Response Similarities Report: A report that highlights students within a class who have similar responses to the questions on the test.
    • Changed Responses Report: A set of new reports showing questions where answers were changed on the test. Reports can show this on a student and class basis.
    • Student Achievement Report: A report that shows how students performed on the test or on learning objectives compared to the benchmark values for the test.