Product Updates – Remark Test Grading and Remark Web Survey

Our developers have been hard at work creating new updates for Remark Test Grading and Remark Web Survey. We strive to continue to add features and improve our products to meet your needs. Please feel free to continue sending in your feature requests for all of our products.

Remark Test Grading 1.2 Update is Available!

All users of the Remark Test Grading software can download this new update. Fueled by your requests, version 1.2 adds several new features and enhancements to the product. Some of the big ones include: the ability to have multiple subjective regions on your test forms (we have added many new forms with room for multiple subjective areas), sharing of tests is now greatly enhanced with the added ability to copy test and answer keys so they can be used for other classes or shared with other instructors, a new quick save for reports that allows you to set up a default folder for saving your favorite reports, updates to the answer key screen making it easier to locate potentially problematic questions, and several other updates, which you can read about in the release read me notes. There is no charge for this update for anyone who is covered by maintenance (one year of maintenance is included with your purchase).

Want to see the new features in action? Join us for our October support webinar where we will demonstrate the new features live.

Remark Web Survey 5.3 is on the way

Look out for a Remark Web Survey version 5.3 that will be available for download soon. We will be sending out an email telling current users when this download will be available and you will be able to download this update from our site. The new update includes: the ability to include image clips from Remark Office OMR files when combining paper and web data sets, adding the NA option to the answer properties, adding the ability to format individual columns or rows in question tables and many others that you will be able to see in the official read me notes once the update is available.

Important Note: This new version will contain no server side script changes so if you are running version 5.2, you can simply run the update. However if you are running version 5.0 or 5.1 you will need to install the updated scripts on your web server and republish any live forms. Please only install the update when you are ready to migrate the scripts to the new version. You cannot run the 5.3 Designer with the old scripts. If you need assistance, please contact Remark Support.