Support Tip – Resetting Your Template Image in Remark Office OMR

Are you seeing recognition errors from shifting regions on your forms? Has your form changed slightly and now you need to update your template? Remark Office OMR gives you the opportunity to update the image used for your template without having to create a new template. A good example of when you would need to reset your template image is when you are seeing a difference in the active region shown in your image viewer while processing forms in relation to where the region is on your form. This typically means the form or scanning parameters have changed since you created the template. Or, maybe you changed your form slightly (added a question, moved a question, etc.) and now want to reset the background image.

To access the Reset Page Images feature, from the Remark Office OMR Template Editor, open your template and choose Tools|Reset Images. When you use this feature, you can read in your form using either a directly connected scanner or an image file (e.g., from a multi-function printer), depending on which way you scan your forms. You can also modify other settings if needed. By using the Scanner Properties option in the Reset Image window, you can change settings, such as the resolution (DPI) or brightness, in order to obtain better recognition from the software. Remember to always use the same settings for the template image as you use when processing the filled in forms.

Once you bring in a new image for your form, Reset Page Images will provide the option to auto-align your existing regions to reflect the changes in the new form. Once the regions are aligned, you can still move them by hand if needed or modify any region’s settings. Should you need assistance with using the Reset Images feature and you currently hold a support agreement with Gravic, please reach out to support at Thanks as always for you continued support of Remark products!