Support Tip – The latest update to Remark Web Survey 5 is available!

Remark Web Survey® 5.2 is here! This significant update is free to all Remark Web Survey 5 users and offers some major enhancements, some of which include:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 support when saving data and doing database linking
  • Oracle and SQL Server support when saving data
  • New Remark Quick Stats® reports
  • Faster logins for respondents when taking web forms
  • Overhauled printing of web forms (e.g., for reviewing content)
  • Automatic check for updates

And of course lots of minor fixes that primarily came from our customers’ requests. This new version also addresses some recent Microsoft Windows 7 updates that were released and interfered with operation of Remark Web Survey.

We encourage all of our version 5 customers to upgrade to version 5.2. It is important to note that this update requires both the Designer Component and Server Component scripts to be updated at the same time. Any live web forms will need to be republished from the Designer once the scripts are updated on the web server. This means that the update will require coordination between Designer Component users and the person who administers the web server so that both pieces are updated simultaneously. You cannot use the 5.2 Designer with older scripts and vice versa.

To obtain the update, go to You will find complete instructions for the update on the download page. Once the Designer Component is installed, the scripts are unpacked to the Scripts folder of the installation (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Gravic\Remark Web Survey 5\Scripts). Back up the existing scripts on the web server and then replace them with these new scripts. Test access to the Administration Control Panel ( and if all goes well, republish any live forms from the updated Designer Component. Should you need assistance with the 5.2 update and you currently hold a support agreement with Gravic, please reach out to support at Thanks for your support of Remark Web Survey!