At Remark Support we often get asked about the image quality of comments displayed on the 401 and 402 reports in Remark Quick Stats.

In Remark 8.1 and earlier, the image quality level is set to a default value of 2-Medium (Note – This is not the case in the new Remark Office OMR 8.2!). The lower quality images require less memory when processing these reports but also provide less than ideal images at times.

There is a configurable option in the Report Properties for the 401 and 402 Reports, the reports that can display handwritten comments. The Report Options can be accessed from Remark Quick Stats by selecting Tools-Report Options (or clicking the toolbar button). The option is called Image Quality. Adjusting this property to a value of 1 – High will produce better quality image clips in this report (this is the new default in Remark 8.2).