We are pleased to announce the availability of version 8.2 of Remark Office OMR! This update adds powerful new functionality as well as enhances some of the current features of the product. This major upgrade is available AT NO COST to current customers using Remark Office OMR 8. Take a look at what’s new:

  • Recognition Improvements. Most of our efforts went here. A new option has been added to the Advanced Settings section of the Recognition Settings titled “Compression Compensation”. We know that in the real world, you can’t always have complete control over your forms. Sometimes they become compressed when photocopied or faxed, for example. When this feature is turned on, Remark Office OMR attempts to compensate for compressed or expanded images when reading. We think you’ll see much better recognition when this situation occurs. Other general recognition improvements were added to this version to help read your real world forms more accurately and in beta testing we have seen significant improvements in the ability to read forms where the original template and the scanned images do not closely match.
  • Package and Rename Images in the Automation Wizard. The ability to use Package and Rename when reading image files was added to the Automation Wizard. Package and Rename lets you recreate image files with new names or file formats after they are processed. For example, you can read in TIF images and have them repackaged as PDF files. You can even name them based on a region in your data! The Automation Wizard automates the basic tasks of the software. By combining these two features, we’ve added a new level of sophistication to the software.
  • Simplified Reviewing of Unrecognized Images. The Skip and Discard options have been changed to their own buttons in the Unrecognized Images window to streamline the review of unrecognized images when using form, page or respondent identifiers.
  • Reviewing Exceptions in Windows 7. A problem was fixed where the response was not highlighted in the Review Exceptions window on Windows 7 operating systems. The text is now highlighted so that you can simply type over it.
  • Multiple Responses for Multiple Test Versions. An update was made to multiple test versions so that questions that allow more than one response can be used when using multiple test versions, regardless of whether there is one or more than one correct response.
  • Long Question Text. A problem was fixed where very long question text would get truncated on certain reports.
  • Image Clip Name Builder. We fixed an issue whereby if you use the Name Builder when dynamically naming image clips, appending the field from the data after your base name didn’t hold its setting.
  • Response Reports Image Quality. We adjusted the default “Image Quality” setting on the 401 and 402 Response reports to High so that your image clips are easier to read. You can adjust this property manually under Tools|Report Options.

These are some of the many enhancements in this version. View our website for a complete listing. The best part is all you have to do to get this update is click the Help menu in Remark Office OMR 8 and then click Check for Updates. Even better, you can set up automatic update checking in your program preferences under Tools|Preferences|Check for Updates. When this feature is turned on, Remark Office OMR will automatically check for new updates at startup.

Most of the changes in this update came directly from our customers, who also tested out many of these enhancements so that we could ensure the changes we make really make a difference. Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your suggestions. If you ever have a suggestion or find a problem, please let us know right away so that we can continue to create top of the line software to meet your needs.