Remark Web Survey 5.1 has arrived! Even though it’s a “maintenance” release, we have jam packed it with features you have asked for, and some we just really like!

Here is a quick look at some of the new features:

  • Improved Query Parameters. You may already know that you can pass down hidden information to your data set and answer pipes through the Query Parameter feature. We’ve taken it a step further to allow you to dynamically link to a database to fill the Query Parameter values at the time you send your email invitations. This feature allows you to send respondents one email with multiple links to your survey, based on information you have on each respondent. For example, if you are doing a course evaluation and each student needs to fill out five course evaluations per semester, you can link to a database containing the student and course information and that database will tell Remark Web Survey what to include in each survey link. The students’ email invitation can have the links to five different course evaluations all in one email, and you don’t have to do the extra work of generating separate emails.
  • Advanced Hyperlink Builder. When inserting a hyperlink, you can access an “advanced” builder that allows you to build URLs with answer piping and Query Parameters. For example, you can launch another Remark Web Survey form with pre-filled information drawn from an answer pipe, or direct respondents to a website based on how they answered questions on your form.
  • Piping Extra Fields from Login Page. You can now utilize answer piping when setting up database linking for the password question on the Login page. This feature allows extra fields to be imported in the Login Page, passed down to the data grid and piped into subsequent pages. They are also available as merge fields in outgoing emails.

Aside from the big ticket items, there are lots of smaller features you do not want to miss, including a web browser preview, default fills in appended “other” textboxes, saving the subject line along with email templates, hiding questions in question tables, automatically giving restricted users rights to the forms they publish, using answer piping for textbox default fills, and Windows 7 support. Plus a few bug fixes.


Check out the latest updates here.