One of the common questions we get in Remark Support is “what is the best image type to use when reading forms?” In this age of increasing MFP (multi-function peripheral) use, more and more Remark customers are scanning forms at a central scanning station and then bringing those images into Remark Office OMR. Most scanners, whether dedicated scanners or MFPs, can produce TIF and PDF images. If you have a choice, we always recommend using TIF images. PDF files are not native image files. Therefore, Remark has to do extra processing in order to read them, which can slow things down. TIF images tend to be smaller and easier to read. They are also native image file formats, so they are better for recognition purposes, too.

Another place to watch out for PDF files is in the Template Editor. Microsoft Word can save files directly to the PDF format. It might be tempting to bring that PDF into the Template Editor in order to create your form template. When you create a form template, you are telling Remark Office OMR exactly what to expect when you process your filled in forms. If you save a document to a PDF for template creation purposes, but then print the documents for your respondents and scan them, you no longer have an accurate “apples to apples” comparison. Therefore, you should always scan a blank copy of your form, from the same batch you will be distributing, to create your form template. Even if you are using an MFP, scan a blank copy of the form to the TIF format and then bring that image into the Template Editor.

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