In this newsletter we are highlighting the Report Batch Wizard that was added to Remark Office OMR 7. This often requested, time saving feature allows you to select, display, print and/or export multiple reports all in one step. In addition, you can automatically filter the reports based on up to three questions on your form. For example, if you are doing course evaluation surveys at a college or university, you may scan several instructors’ evaluations in one file, or several courses for one instructor. With the Report Batch Wizard, you can setup Remark Quick Stats to automatically filter the data on instructor and/or class. You can also choose to merge the resulting reports into one file upon export with identifying information on the report, or create separate reports for each filtered item (e.g., a separate report per instructor or class). Not only does the Report Batch Wizard quickly and easily provide sorted reports, but it makes it easy to identify the reports for distribution to those who need the information. All of the same great export options are available: PDF, TIF, XLS, RTF and HTML. Even if you aren’t automatically filtering, you can quickly generate all the reports you need without having to display each one individually and then print or export it. The best part is that you can save Report Batch Wizard configurations and quickly call them up at a later time to run your reports. You’ll find the Report Batch Wizard feature under the Tools menu or in the Task Pane in Remark Quick Stats in version 7 of Remark Office OMR. Look for it in a future release of Remark Web Survey, too.

Want to see Report Batch Wizard in Action?

Gravic, Inc. is launching a new Technical Support monthly webinar series. Our first featured item will be the Report Batch Wizard. Our support staff will walk you through the Report Batch Wizard during a short online demonstration. Cost is free for technical support contract holders ($50 if you do not have a current technical support contract). Go to our website to sign up or find out more details. Check back often to see the upcoming month’s scheduled feature webinar.