Gravic celebrates 30 years of innovation in 2009! We engineered our Remark product line to speed the collection and analysis of your data. Application flexibility remains our key innovation for our software. For example, Remark Office OMR is the first product of its type to use an image scanner. This innovative software allows users to avoid being bogged down with legacy hardware that can only be used for one purpose, buying expensive forms and number two pencils, or suffering time intensive and error prone manual data entry. Instead, users have the flexibility to design and print their own forms and can use a desktop scanner or multi-function device to process them. Today, as a result, Remark Office OMR is a world leading package for collecting data from OMR forms.

Gravic’s steady growth and prosperity over the last thirty years is because of our innovation and pioneering customers. We value customer feedback and constantly use it to improve our products to meet your needs. Thank you for your help and your business!


Dr. Bruce Holenstein
President and CEO
Gravic, Inc.