You may have noticed an upswing in Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) in the scanner/printer marketplace these days. MFPs can typically scan, print, copy and sometimes fax, all from one machine. MFPs can either be directly connected to a computer or reside in a central location on your network where many people can access them. What’s the good news regarding MFPs? They are constantly coming down in price, they provide a great scalable solution for the workplace or home office, and best of all, they work great with Remark Office OMR!

If an MFP is directly connected to your computer, it may automatically work with Remark Office OMR. However, for those that don’t “talk” to our software, or MFPs that reside on your network, you can still scan forms, save them as image files and then read those images right in Remark Office OMR. This is a great way to cut down on costs by buying fewer peripherals, but with more functionality. Here is a scenario for you: Suppose you work in a small office where space is at a premium and the budget is tight. You can purchase an MFP, place it in a central location and then everyone can use its many features. For forms processing with Remark Office OMR, you can drop your forms in the scanner, have its software output image files to your network, go back to your desk and start up Remark Office OMR and then read those image files… instant data!