Looking back at the original version of Remark Office OMR, it is hard to believe how much the product has evolved. Writing software that ran on Windows 3.1 in 1991, we were a bit ahead of our time. Image scanners were still new and were not that commonly used. The top of the line image scanners at that time were flatbed scanners, some having optional feeders capable of speeds of 2-3 pages per minute. The feeding capability, double feed detection, color drop out, high resolution, and other features have transformed how scanners are used in organizations today. Image scanners are everywhere now, used for many different tasks. Over the past year or two we have seen a surge in multi-function peripherals, from companies such as Xerox and Lexmark, where a scanner is combined with a laser printer, copier, and fax to meet many needs of the office in one device.

We start the second quarter with new versions of Remark Classic OMR and Remark Office OMR. Throughout the year look for more announcements of new and improved products from Gravic’s Remark Products Group and its partners.

Our 15th anniversary of Remark would not be possible without great people using our products… You! Remark products are used by over 25,000 customers throughout the world. Through a network of international partners, we are selling to all corners of the globe and are very excited to be able to solve data collection challenges for such a large, diverse group of customers. We learn a lot from you, and your feedback, thoughts, and ideas have helped keep Remark products fresh and continually evolving.

Over the course of this year we celebrate our relationship with you. We will soon be announcing the first group of Remark Hall of Fame Customers, a group of long-time users who have been of great assistance to us in shaping our products and services. We will also be doing special offers and giveaways during the year. We will be sending you a customer survey in the months ahead. Please give us honest feedback on our products and our services. Finally, we are looking at ways to improve our web site and User’s Forum so that you can more easily communicate with one another to share ideas, forms, templates, and knowledge. We will be happy to hear any of your ideas on how we can continue to provide you with the best products and services.

Finally, there are some more subtle changes taking place. You may have noticed that we are using our Gravic corporate name more in our marketing communications. This will continue as we are phasing out the Principia Products name to simplify matters from a corporate and marketing standpoint. The Principia name may be going away, in favor of calling ourselves the Remark Products Group, but the same group of hardworking people will be here to answer your support and sales questions and to develop new and better products that will continue to meet your needs.