We are proud to announce a new version of Remark Classic OMR. Remark Classic OMR 3 includes a robust new version of Remark Quick Stats, a built-in reporting feature, which offers sophisticated analysis for both surveys and tests. Reports come with new options for question weighting, question grouping, and benchmarking for questions or groups of questions. When scanning tests, users can create reports with custom learning objectives, so they now have a powerful tool to assure compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act. The ability to tie test questions to specific learning objectives gives instructors and administrators a way to measure student, class, and school performance against state standards or learning objectives.

Other major enhancements include a new Grade and Print mode where compatible scanners can grade a test and print on a form as it is being scanned, new SelfScore support for Pearson Assessment scanners, a new export to the popular QuestionMark online testing product, crosstabulations, and greater customization. Please click here for more details.