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Empower Your Instructors

Modernize your assessment process by providing your faculty with the tools they need. While you are at it, why not save your school some money?

Institutions like yours need a quick and easy way to assess students and get actionable results to those who need them!

Does your school still rely on a centralized resource coupled with a slow and cumbersome process for delivering assessments and distributing results to your instructors? It is time to decentralize and streamline this process, giving your faculty the tools they need to do this themselves. 

  • Decentralize the process
    • Empower your faculty with an easy to use tool to create and process their own exams.
    • Eliminate delays in sending batches of tests to/from a processing center.
  • No special hardware of forms
    • Eliminate your antiquated scanning hardware.
    • Make use of the office equipment you already own for printing and scanning test forms.
    • Print these on regular copy paper saving you money!
  • Put faculty in control of their assessments
    • Instructors create, print, and scan their own exams.
    • Deliver exams on paper or online.
    • Results are obtained almost instantly!
    • Provides powerful and meaningful reports enabling real insight into the class, student, test and item performance. 
  • Integrates with existing applications
    • Seamlessly transfer grades from Remark to popular systems like CanvasBlackboard, and D2L Brightspace.
  • Secure hosted solution
    • IT will love it! No installation or maintenance needed.
    • Accessible from any web browser.
    • You have control over your data.
Remark Test GradingRemark Test Grading

We are sure your team will love Remark Test Grading! Ask us about setting up a free proof of concept for you and your staff. We will even provide free Administrator training (a $500 value) to make sure your implementation is smooth and successful. Join your colleagues who have switched to Remark Test Grading… You will not regret it!

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Remark Test GradingRemark Test Grading