Throughout the years we have been asked about using your mobile phone to take pictures that can be processed with Remark Office OMR. With this in mind, we decided to put INTSIG’s CamScanner app through the test. We downloaded the CamScanner app on our iPhones’ and did some testing with Remark Office OMR. We took pictures of a variety of completed forms including test answer sheets, quizzes, surveys, evaluations and assessments. We read those completed images into Remark Office OMR and they worked wonderfully. CamScanner was very easy to use and worked right out of the box to create image files that we were able to process with Remark Office OMR. The CamScanner app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8.

We are very pleased to recommend CamScanner to any Remark Office OMR users looking to use their mobile phones to capture images of their forms. As with every project please make sure to test your forms prior to distribution and take advantage of our free form review service.

We created the following video to highlight the process of using CamScanner with Remark Office OMR. We hope you enjoy!

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