Test Grading Solutions

Explore how you can print your own tests and answer sheets on plain paper and scan them with a common image scanner or multi-function printer with either Remark Office OMR or Remark Test Grading Edition. Both products generate a wealth of test grading reports and provide easy export options of grade information or data to the database, spreadsheet, gradebook, or student/learning management system of your choice. With Remark Test Grading Edition you can choose from the locally installed Windows version or the cloud version, which requires no software install. If you are looking for a more traditional solution check out Remark Classic OMR. This product works with traditional OMR forms and scanners.

Below you will find a comparison of all four Remark Solutions available for grading tests. Use this checklist to determine which of the Remark Products is best suited for your test grading needs. If you have any questions please email sales@gravic.com.

Product Comparison Chart